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September 6, 2013
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Rabbit doubt miyako tsukiyomi by MagicalNekoRebelGirl Rabbit doubt miyako tsukiyomi by MagicalNekoRebelGirl
(Edit : Change her hair and clothes , gonna fix her  info after sleeping  haven't had slept for two days  )
Full body image:<da:thumb id="492093240">

Name: || Tsukiyomi Miyako||

Alias: || Kyoma||

Age: ||16||

Birthday: || Sep 6

Gender : || Girl ||

Weapon: ||steel tonfas||

Opinion On What Is Happening: || She is very confused an scared  ||

Relationship's: || --none ( has a crush on someone but she is oblivious to love //shot )

Family : Older twin : Tsukiko they haven´t seen each other in 10 years only talked through text messages ||

Vulnurable (sometimes )
Blushes easily( sometimes) 

Likes/ Dislikes: |
+ Taking pictures & secret pics  ~fufufu)
+ Food
+ Sleeping
+ Cute/cool guys

+ Her brothers  

- Being touched by both genders 
- being Alone
- bitter foods
- Mean Bakas
-being ignored (will pout if ignored )
-Step grandma (her fathers step mother *shivers*)

History: Miyako was separated from her Two older brothers (miyako and them are triplets only she an tsukiko look alike )and mother ,after  the accident that took her fathers life while protecting her . Miyako was in the hospital  unconscious  for two days the first to arrive was her step grandma  since she was the last person who talked on the phone with her father ,when miyako's mother arrived she went in shock from seeing her dead husbands lifeless body

Miyako´s Friends (& people she meet :

1. Reiko-chan (aka Mamoru): (first person she meet) "Reiko-chan his sleepy looking eyes are cute~" //shot// " but also scary when he glares ;A; ")

Additional info:

- Miyako was forced to cross dress and to live like a boy  (bcuz step grandma said so (=_=;)
-Has whip scars on her back 
-this is random but miyako chest is....  she isn't flat chested ok she is just forced to wear a Sarashi .... >///<

im new at Rp :iconlazypoolplz:
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BloodLustingCreature Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so cute ;;u;;

Do you have skype? We could rp sometime if you wanted~
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