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September 6, 2013
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Rabbit doubt miyako tsukiyomi by MagicalNekoRebelGirl Rabbit doubt miyako tsukiyomi by MagicalNekoRebelGirl
(EDITED : profile & Gonna Revamp Miyako later maybe )

Name: || Tsukiyomi Miyako||

Alias: || --||

Age: ||16||

Birthday: || Sep 6 ||

Gender : || Girl ||

Weapon: ||steel tonfas||

Opinion On What Is Happening: || She is very confused an scared  ||

Relationship's: || --none ( has a crush on someone but she is oblivious to love //shot )

Family : Older twin : Tsukiko they haven´t seen each other in 10 years only talked through text messages ||

Vulnurable (sometimes )
Blushes easily( sometimes) 

Likes/ Dislikes: |
+ Taking pictures ( secret pics also ~fufufu XD)
+ Food
+ Pocky ,Sweet candy
+ Sleeping
+ Cute/cool guys
+ Her Red Ribbon
+ Twin Brother (i love my twin but sometimes he is annoying

- pain
- being Alone
- bitter choco
- alcohol ,Sake
- Mean Bakas
-being ignored
-blood on clothes & face 

History: Miyako was separated from her twin At age 6 by Her mothers Parents & the other twin was taken by the fathers Parents. Miyako & her twin lost their parents in a car accident in which both parent use their bodies to protect them both .Miyako was taken to live with her mothers parents (Miyako´s Grand parents) as she grew up she became really shy and was bullied by girls a lot in her school for being shy an interpreted as her trying to be cutesy . The bulling never really ended when ever she got transferred to different schools the girls always ended up disliking her an classmates never tried to stop them,but no matter what happened miyako kept in touch with her older twin brother Tsukiko in text messages making the bulling less painful . One night miyako got  a anonymous message  An advert for a game suddenly pops up. It reads Rabbit Doubt .Miyako cant help but think the bunny on the front of the game  looks creepy ,she wasn't sure if she should click on the yes or no , but then though its just a game it might be interesting so she clicked on the yes .The game disappeared from her phone "so it was just  spam ...." she said to herself and closed her phone and  went to sleep  not knowing she would  end up in a creepy, scary unknown place .

Miyako´s Friends (& people she meet :

1. Reiko-chan (aka Mamoru): (first person she meet) "Reiko-chan his sleepy looking eyes are cute~" //shot// " but also scary when he glares ;A; ")

2. Gekko: ( Second person she meet ,didn't like at first and is her first friend thou they don´t really talk to each other much " he is cute an i like taking pic of him ~fufufu" //shot // also he an Rei are together & lovey dovey . )

3:Rei: (Rei an gekko are together an lovey dovey .) " he seems nice thought i never really talked to him

Additional info:

-If someone else's blood falls on miyako's face, she will remember only for a second how her mother died by getting stabbed by some  sharp car metal and her mothers blood  dripping on her face. she will faint after that an then wake up not remembering anyone she has meet  and she wont even remember who she is . She will have a life less emotionless look in her eyes .

- Miyako hides a big scar  that she got when she was in the car accident behind her scarf

-Miyako Can't remember anything from when she was six , the only thing that she does remember is her twin brother ,She knows her parents are dead because her grandparents told her though she cant remember them.

-Never give miyako sake (she does random things like act like a childish  or might try to kiss you//shot // thou she might just fall asleep before she can pfft //shot shot) 

-Miyako has a six sense that tells her when her twin brother day dream of something weird  like  twincest    which ends up with her  giving him a scary dark aura closed eye smile .

-how her voice sound (…

im new at Rp :iconlazypoolplz:
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BloodLustingCreature Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so cute ;;u;;

Do you have skype? We could rp sometime if you wanted~
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